Dr Leo Gagnon

Dietin’ Ain’t Easy
May 31, 2012

Comfort Food

In my 35 years of doing hypnotherapy one of the biggest obstacles to a successful weight loss, I mean the extra pounds came off and stayed off, is run away emotions.  People feed their unhappy emotions with comfort food. It’s an addiction and a diet will ultimately fail.

Only a few people get past this dieting hurdle without professional help.  Someone that understands that the emotional issues need some resolution before the pounds can come off and stay off.

With someone wracked with emotions either from the past or in the present day a diet is not going to be successful.  Will power weakens as the emotions keep slamming into their psyche and soon enough they give up only to get fat again or never try dieting again because it’s too painful.

Eating As A Bad Habit

Rejoice if you’re not one of the emotional eaters. All you have to resolve are lots of overeating bad habits. Most people fit in this category and can, over time, with support, achieve their goal to lose the extra weight.  That is IF they don’t get bored with the diet program or just plain give up because it’s a lot of work to try not to think of your favorite foods. Especially when others are eating “those yummy” condiments.

Bad Habits are many. Making wrong choices, eating more than one helping, snacking, sweets and so much more. Bad habits can be turned into a proper eating lifestyle.

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